Whose Feet Are These?

Every morning, my 4yo preschooler howls at dropoff. It’s truly agonizing for a working mom. 

He’s experienced separation anxiety nearly every day in the past couple of months.  Today, I decided to introduce a new routine — read a book on a couch before kissing him goodbye — that I had used with his older brother, who’s now 7.

This morning, we read “Who Feet Are These”.  My son was excited to answer the question and flip each page to show me that he was right.  Obviously, he’s read the book before!  Illustrations were engaging and overall, it was quite a delightful book to add to a child’s collection!

And he was so cheerful after book reading that he held his favorite teacher’s hand and was ready to start his day!  I walked away with the biggest smile on my face. No more working mom guilt, well, for at least one day!

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