Sneaky Squirrel

Last week, I started playing the Sneaky Squirrel game with my 4yo son.  While the spinner introduces random elements to the game, he seems to win the game all the day.  For once, I see a confidant young boy who can stand up to his soon-to-be-7yo brother.  And it’s a good thing!

The tree shaped box stands up as one of the most clever designs.


Then the squirrel squeezer makes a simple game just that more challenging for a preschooler.


The spinner diagram is simply and containers colors, a snacky squirrel (lose a turn), and a sneaky squirrel (steal an acorn from your neighbor).

As a mom, I enjoy playing a board game where my child exudes confidence!




Budding cartographer

My 4yo boy fell in love with this maps puzzle after playing with his daddy a few times.

GeoPuzzle U.S.A. and Canada – Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle is a fantastic way to introduce geography to kids.  It’s so adorable when my son says “Manitoba” in his sweet voice.  Now he knows the Canadian province better than any other states because it’s right in the middle of the puzzle.


I highly recommend it and am looking forward to playing with other versions of the puzzle.