Belly Button Books for Toddlers

Go up to any toddlers and say “Belly button!” and you will undoubtedly get a giggle or two!

My kids always chuckle when I read them these belly button books.

bellybuttonOne of my favorite children’s authors is Sandra Boynton. Her Belly Button Book has silly hippos singing praises of their “BEE BO”s.

My favorite lines from the book is

“It’s Belly Button Beach where tons of hippos stand around in bathing suits too little because they hope you will admire the button on their middle.”

bellybuttonfairyNot all fairies are young like Tinkerbell. The star of this beautifully illustrated book is a grandmother fairy. The accompanied audio track is simply delightful.

“Now I think this is real. Oh, I think this is true.
Yes, it happened to me and it happened to you.
Take a look in the mirror. Do you see something funny?
Is there a round hole right there on your tummy?”

flapFinally, for toddlers who simply can’t get enough peek-a-boo, Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? will surely entertain.

My kids and I love the folky and colorful illustrations in this book.  Though it’s a board book, my boys get so excited about the flaps that the book is fairly worn out after all these years!


Hope you will enjoy these belly button books!