Mo Willems Pigeons and Pals

Mo Willems’ characters, Pigeons, Piggie & Elephant, and Edwina, are beloved by children, if mine are any indication.

My friend Janette will be celebrating her daughter’s 4th birthday this weekend. I compiled this book collection to introduce a series of new characters to the birthday girl.

The New York Times Book Review referred to Willem’s pigeon character as “one of this decade’s contributions to the pantheon of great picture book characters”.

The Pigeon is whiny, shortsighted, narcissistic, needy, relentless and nakedly manipulative; in short, the Pigeon is a thinly veiled 4-year-old, drawn by Willems with a sure, simple line and a keen sense, as the pages turn, of comic timing.

The “Edwina” book won a National Parenting Publications Award in 2006.  I read this book to both of my boys and they always giggled when I say the name “Reginald Von Hoobie-Doobie”.  Try saying that fast without smiling, I bet you can’t!

When my older son was in kindergarten, his 3rd grade library buddy recommended books to him.  In other words, she introduced “Elephant & Piggie” to our family.  For that, I am forever grateful.  Now my son started to read, we love acting out mini-plays as Gerald the Elephant and Piggie.

If you are not already a Mo Willems fan, check out these books.  You’ll love them.

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