Construction toys for aspiring architects

Our home has countless containers of construction toys, ranging from wooden blocks to marble runs. These are 3 of our favorite construction toys.  The first two involve motors and the last one requires imagination only.

Quercetti Marble Run

We received it at our older son’s 4th birthday. It was a bit challenging but with Daddy’s help, our son spent hours connecting and re-arranging tubes and testing marble drops down ramps. Between Quercetti and Techno Gears, I would start out with one around 4 or 5 and then move on to Techno Gears.


Techno Gears Marble Mania Extreme

We picked this kit up at Costco a couple of years ago. The age range is 8 to 12 but even my husband found it a bit challenging. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most sophisticated and elaborate motorized marble runs we have in the house. Kids love it. You absolutely have to keep track of marbles that come in these kits as they are choking hazards for younger kids in the home.

Citiblocs Building Blocks
We were inspired of the possibilities of wooden blocks when we visited Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. There was one room with 20,000 blocks for anyone to build.  Definitely inspiring!




I’d love to hear about constructions toys in your home!  Always looking for new toy recommendations for my boys.

One thought on “Construction toys for aspiring architects

  1. Marble Mania really needs to update the requirements on the box.
    Surely, it requires a masters degree in mechanical engineering from MIT.

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